Packaging Supplies

SRCP carries a hug selection of stock cartons. Our corrugated Regular Slotted Containers (RSC) come flat and are manufactured in 200# Test, 32 ECT or greater. (ECT – Edge Crush Test – measures the stacking strength of a box in pounds per square inch, showing how much force is necessary to crush the box. For example, a 32# ECT box can withstand a force of 32 pounds per square inch before crushing.) All of our in-stock boxes are white outside and brown inside. Brown inside and out can be special ordered in bundles only.

We have in stock, boxes from 4″ – 4″ – 4″ to 54″ – 8 1/2″ – 28 1/2″ and can order additional sizes in bundles if you need something we don’t have. Bundles usually come in 20 to 25 with some of the larger sizes coming in at 10 per bundle. For a complete list of our current box sizes, click here.

Besides our box selection we have a wide variety of packing supplies and materials. On hand we carry:

Self-Sealed Padded Envelope: Our padded envelopes are self sealing manilla envelopes that have a 3/16″ bubble layer covering the inside of the envelopes. Sizes are 4 – 8, 5 – 10, 6 – 10, 7 1/2 – 12, 8 1/2 – 14, 9 1/2- 14 1/2, 10 1/2 – 16, 12 1/2 – 19 (order only)  & 14 1/2 -20.
Five Panel Folder (FPF): Five panel folders are self-locking. Great for rolled items, such as posters and blueprints. Easy open ends make it easy to get items safely in and out. FPF’s come in the following sizes: 3-3-12 1/4, 3-3-18 1/4, 3-3-25 1/4, 3-3-30 1/4 , 3-3-37 1/4

Bin Box: Bin boxes are great for storage. Rigid self-locking construction and store flat until ready for use, they assemble in seconds. All dimensions are outside dimension: Length, Width, Depth -12-4-4 1/2, 12-6-4 1/2, 12-8-4 1/2, 12-10-4 1/2, 12-12-4 1/2
Mailing Tube: Tubes are inside dimensions and are sold with end caps. They come in 24″, 30″ and 36″ lengths (in stock).

Tape: Tapes are sold individually, by the six pack, and by the case. Cases are better value per roll. Please allow for cases to be ordered. Available in 2″ x 55 yds (2 mil), 2″ x 110 yds. (2 mil), 1″ x 60′ Filament Tape, 2″ x 60′ Filament Tape, 3″ – 600′ Paper (water activated), 3″ – 450′ Reinforced Paper, 2″ – 60″ Self Adhesive Paper, 2″ – 60′ Blue Painter’s Tape, 1″ – 60′ Masking Tape.

Pallet Wrap: Pallet wrap and strap locking kits for securing pallet loads. Hand savers are to protect your hands while you wrap a pallet. Strap lock kits come with 200 metal buckles to secure half-inch plastic strapping.

Poly Span: We carry two styles of poly span, (also known as packing peanuts). The S-Curve style which is a standard poly fill, and is the least expensive per cubic foot and Super 8’s which are a little better quality poly fill product. We also carry biodegradable fill which will decomposes when it comes in contact with water. We do not recommend using biodegradable fill for heavy or breakable items. Most packaging stores will accept used poly fill for recycling.

Bubble Wrap:Bubble wrap is available in two sizes of bubbles, and three widths – 12″, 24″ and 48″. All bubble wrap is perforated every 12 inches for ease of use. We sell all of them by the yard or by the roll. Buying bubble wrap in bundles is the best value.

Cush Foam: Cush foam is sold in 24″ width; it is perforated every 12″. It is available in three thicknesses; 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″. Special widths available by order. Cush foam is also sold by roll or by yard.

Gift Boxes: Our gift boxes are made of light-weight cardboard. Boxes are white on the exterior and easy to fold up. Not intended for Shipping. We also carry Jewelry Boxes that are two piece with a glossy white finish on the exterior and white cotton pad on the inside.